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Surrender Comics - Ransomed Wings

Do you think that sometimes the world and sometimes Christians focus too much on non Christian heros and the comic books (Iron Man, Batman, Superman and ....) Did you know that there are Christian comic heros and comic books in the Christian community? I would like to intorduce to you just one of the many Christian comic book companies on the market called Surrender Comics.

Who is Surrender Comics? They are a ministry aspiring to create and publish comics! Inspired by Love, Truth and Faith, our desire is to be a light in a dark industry, and to provide good quality comics that don't compromise on values. Tim is the creative directer and manager, also co-developer of the characters and worlds, handles web design and is our lead story writer. His partner, Yavanna, is the lead artist and designer. She also handles all of the major visual aspects of the ministry, and co-develops the characters, worlds, and is tasked with bringing them to life.

Some of there project in the works are Ransomed Wings, My Jesus and an unnamed and unannounced third project that they hope to reveal in the next few months. However, Ransomeed Wings will be launching next month.