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Crowdfunding Site Gamekicker to Launch Next Week

A new crowdfunding site specifically for small indie game developers called Gamekicker is set to launch on the 8th of March.

According to the “About Gamekicker” section on their website, the crowdfunding service was started as an alternative to current crowdfunding platforms:

“We started this platform because crowdfunding for video games has been far from perfect. We saw that we could greatly improve the way games are crowdfunded. With a platform that is specifically built for crowdfunding video games, a lot more can be achieved than with the existing platforms.”

They go onto say that larger crowdfunding platforms offer all types of projects, which attract all types of different crowds. Therefore, it may not attract the right type of crowd for video game projects:

“Crowdfunding is slowly turning into a pre-order system for AAA companies, and funding creative video game projects is being destroyed. At Gamekicker this exactly why we’ve created a new platform dedicated to indie games! We believe that crowdfunding is meant for creative projects from indie developers who have no other means of raising funds to create their games.”

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