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Whole Armor Run - SpiritED

Charlena Smith, wife, mom and kindergarten teacher, is launching Whole Armor Run app, for ages 7 and up for iOS. This fast paced, Christ-centered app is based on Ephesians 6:10-18 NIV. In the game, you become the character, jumping over obstacles and putting on spiritual armor. “This game is a fun way to remind us to be on guard spiritually or you’ll crash into that obstacle, which in this is case a 10 foot tall column!” Charlena Smith,SpiritED founder.

Whole Armor Run is playable at no cost and free from ads in Kid Safe Mode. Every time a piece of spiritual armor is earned, the player learns the memory verse Ephesians 6:11. “The memory verse became a real conversation starter for my twin girls and I. They had so many questions after testing the game such as ‘What is the armor for?’ and ‘Who gives us this armor?’”

“If we can integrate Jesus into our children’s everyday lives and things that they love, such as television and mobile games, we can make a difference.” Charlena was motivated by her children to create an app that provided spiritual education as well as witnessing children engaging in video games during church services. “I thought, someone has to do something about this. They could be learning what the adults are learning during though gameplay instead of playing candy smashy!”

Charlena applauds all Christian media developers and has a few favorites like the well-known Paul Vischer (Veggie Tales) as well as new promising developers like Joel Carson (SALVATION'S STORY LLC) and Berry Ijmker (Biino Games).

Play Whole Armor Run to collect armor such as the golden helmet of salvation, golden breastplate of righteousness, golden shield of faith, golden belt of truth, golden sword of the Spirit, and golden sandals.

There are even Game Center Leader boards and Achievements to compete with your friends!

Whole Armor Run is sure to be a hit with the kids while promoting biblical literacy.