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Lent Day 2: I Declare My Sins Are Forgiven Me

Everybody is a sinner. But when you come to Christ, confess your sins, repent of your sins and choose to live in Christ, believe it or not, your sins are forgiven. Sometimes the enemy attacks the mind in order to steal the peace of God in us. He reminds us of the past sins. He sows seeds of guilt and condemnation in our minds, he reminds us of how grievous and unpardonable our sins have been.

The enemy sometimes haunts us with thoughts such as; your sins are not forgiven you, your sins are so great that nobody can forgive you. These are lies to distract your focus from Christ, lies to weigh you down from the burdens Christ has already lifted off for you, lies to lure you back into the darkness where he resides. When you come to Christ.....

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