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Gates of Mansoul - by the Christian Developer Network.

About Gates of Mansoul

This Free 2D Tower defense game tells the story of John Bunyan’s (same Author of “Pilgrim’s Progress”) book “The Holy War”. While players learn the five-way paper-rock-scissors of the units and using special abilities they hear the truth of the gospel of Jesus as told allegorically in the way only John Bunyan can. This is a Christian game developed by Christians for the glory of God so other Christians can play Godly games and help reach out to non-believing gamers. The game is currently available on Google Play, Amazon Play Store, GameJolt, and now MyFaithApps!

Players are given a reward for frequent logging in to play that they can use to unlock units and abilities as well as upgrade them. In the game, the player is rewarded with more resources when they can show off their skills to collect spirit shards for upgrading units in the game. Above and beyond the standard offerings of typical tower defense games, Gates of Mansoul provides Assault Mode where the player can swap roles and attack instead of just defending all the time.

The story loosely follows the great allegorical book by John Bunyan. An allegory is a story like a parable except everything means something else. The names are very descriptive. The city of Mansoul really represents the soul of someone. The game takes this to a new level where the combat represents the battle of thought going on in someone’s mind. Satan, or Diabolus, works to influence us and invades our thoughts. The game tells the story of the gospel’s power of salvation at work in the battlefield of a person’s soul.

This game is developed by the community of the Christian Developers Network. This network has a facebook group (ChristianDevs) and an online forums ( It took about a year and a half to complete this game from planning to deployment. All work spent on this game was on a volunteer basis. Nobody got paid for this game, all who worked did so to provide a free Christian game. A lot of prayer was spent on this game and we all give God the glory.

The design lead was Kris Murray. He organized the other developers, determined tasks, followed-up on implementation, built the releases, created the trailer video, and deployed the game to online websites. He also functioned as the programming lead, designed most of the levels, and performed the bulk of the pre-launch testing.

Raul Rivera Arroyo was the graphic art lead. He designed the game logo and many of the game characters. He also developed the level maps. Ricardo Lee drew a number of the pieces of character art. Arron Swan and Clint Fleetwood helped with character art as well as adding to the combat sprites. One the CDN users “b-o” helped with the combat sprites too.

Stephen Sleeper composed four musical scores used in the game. Other programmers who helped were Brandon McGowan and Josh Neihenke. Samuli Holopainen from Finland was a great help as an alpha tester.

This is the first game developed by the Christian Developer Network.



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