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How to use MyFaithApps


Welcome to the MyFaithApps! If you have an Android or Apple mobile device, the following instructions below will tell you how to get any of the apps from our store.


  • When you first come to the MyFaithApps desktop or online store “Home” page, click on any item on the page and a box should pop up asking you to “Sign up” or “Log in” to your account.

  • Sign up for a FREE MyFaithApps account.

  • When you find an app you would like to download from our store, (each app in our app store is linked to one of our app partner’s website) just click on it.

  • When you click on the app of your choice, you will be directed to that app website link in a new window on your device.

  • Some websites were the apps are located will require you to sign up for a new account to download a free or purchase the app of your choice.

  • And, finally, if you have any problems with your purchased apps, please contact the service provider website where you purchased your app. The MyFaithApps is/and will not be responsible for any purchased, refunds, or updates apps that are not published by the MyFaithApps Company.



MyFaithApps for Apple users.


At this time, Myfaihapps is working to bring our app to their app store. For now, any apple user can visit our website, and save our Myfaithapps icon to the desktop to your mobile device.


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