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Jul 11, 2021
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In Kai and Friend's First Visit to The Zoo, you will meet Kai, his mom, and dad. Kai's father loves going outside, but his mother does not like being outside as much as they do. Kai's mother has the fun job of taking Kai to the zoo, where he will meet his friends. Then they will introduce each of the animals one by one. Come on, take a trip with Kai and friends, and learn about many wild animals at the zoo. This book will teach children about some of the wild animals God created. It is fun and exciting. Kai and his friends do an excellent job explaining the lives of all the animals they saw at the zoo. At the end of the book, Kai has a game for kids to play with their parents. This book is a great teaching tool for parents who home school their children, daycares, churches, and libraries. The author says thank you to all who will purchase this book. Kai and Friends First Visit to The Zoo eBook: Robinson, Pearl: Kindle Store
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