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MyFaithApps Developers


The MyFaithApps Christian faith apps would like to give Christian faith-based app inde developers and companies the brand recognition that their apps deserve. We know that there are many great apps out available like "Angry Birds," one of our favorites that receives great brand recognition throughout the app market. But what about your faith-based apps? Don’t they deserve to be on the front page of an app store market? We think so, too. That’s why we have created the Christian faith apps app store that focuses on getting your apps seen to your target faith-based audience in one place.


MyFaithApps Platform Support


The MyFaithApps Christian faith apps app store supports many of the mobile platforms (Android, Apple, and soon to come Windows) that will accommodate both the consumers and developers of the Christian faith. MyFaithApps Christian faith apps app store is an app store that links to different Christian faith-based app products. In the near future, MyFaithApps Christian faith apps will have their own app store just like the other app stores.


Developer Benefits


How does Christian Faith Apps benefit developers?

1. More traffic can be directed to your app link app website.

2. News about your upcoming faith apps can be published on our website (games, music, books, magazines, betas, startups, and videos).

3. The opportunity to find out the popularity of your app, or gain improvement ideas through the Christian Faith Apps user rating system.

4. Discover demographic prospects, by finding out who is commenting on your app in the Christian Faith Apps community.

5. The use of social markets, SEO, and any other resources provided by Christian Faith Apps to get your app on the market.

6. And, get ready for keep all of the revenues, by paying us nothing for any of your apps that are purchased using our app stores (limited time)!


Partner with MyFaithApps


MyFaithApps - Christian faith apps Company would like to offer Christian faith-based apps indie developers and app companies from any platform to get their apps seen on the MyFaithApps - Christian faith apps app store website, mobile app store (soon to come), and the Christian faith apps social media pages.

We are looking and giving the invitation to any Christian app developers, app developer companies, church ministry apps, and inde app developers who creates games, books, applications, and music for all major OS platforms to have their apps in our store. We would love to have your apps in our store.

If you would like to inquire about how to become a partner with Christian faith apps wanting to get your apps into our store, please contact us as at or visit us today at






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