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What is MyFaithApps? MyFaithApps is a company delivers Christian apps to a community of consumers and developers of the Christian faith.  We aim to be the one stop shop for web and mobile consumers delivering many of the latest Christian apps such as games, music, applications, books, magazines, and more. If you are a inde Christian app developer, please contact us about getting your app into our store!





Company Vision 

The MyFaithApps vision is to provide a central, community platform for Christian apps to be seen and purchased through store. We understand that there are various well known apps available like “Angry Birds,” who have brand recognition throughout the app market.  But what about faith-based apps?  Do they deserve to be on the front page of an app store market?  We believe so!  That is why we have created the MyFaithApps whose focus is to promote Christian, and other family friendly apps.

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